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13 June 2024 @ 06:05 pm
Master List 2 - DBSK Oneshots and Other Chaptered Fics  



Just for You (ongoing)

Naruto/Sasuke | Shikamaru/Neji | NC-17

Sasuke's the head Oncologist in the west wing, fancied by most of the nurses and female doctors. He keeps everyone at an arm's length until Konoha's top surgeon transfers to their section, and he's utterly intent on making Sasuke his.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five


How I met You

Sam/Dean | PG |

Harry Potter

Morning Watch

Harry/Draco | pg

Harry loves mornings. He loves mornings more than nights because he wakes up to Draco.

The Private Detective Series

Harry/Draco | nc-17

Draco's settled himself off in the Muggle world working for a Wizarding company five years after the wwar. On his breaks he usually takes himself to a little coffee ship to relax and unwind and think. But on an odd day he meets Potter, and well, the sigh of Potter would make anyday odd.

Coffee Shops and Private Agencies - The Prelude

Original Story - The Paris Mission

Jin/Seth | NC-17 |

Jin's been a solo agent since the creation of the agencies, and he's good at what he does, used by organizations throughout the world to spy and infiltrate and do their bidding. On a mission in Paris, he meets a young man in a coffee shop who's cold and of few words. The mission, takes him to a business man's getaway, and he runs into a another agent, another solo agent who is coincidentally sent on the same mission by a rival agency. It is the man of few words, and the mission in Paris becomes more than what Jin's been asked to do, with the man named Seth.