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17 November 2016 @ 02:37 pm
[FIC] Burner: Part Eight  
Title: Burner
Series: The Syndicate
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong, Jungkook/Taehyung
Rating: Mature
Summary: Jaejoong is the leader of the widespread syndicate that runs underground Asia, and Yunho is his top agent and right hand man whose skills and composure are terrifying. The Korean Syndicate is under heat from the American company's invasion, and Jaejoong has his hands full, with protecting his people, and trying to control Yunho, the man that cannot be controlled.

~ Burning ~

Jaejoong took off his shades as he strode through the automatic doors of the ground floor of the Syndicate building. His subordinates must have sensed his mood. They kept a wide berth, bowing in succession as he passed, scuttling back if he came too close as he made his way to the elevator.

He was angry. It had been some time since he was this genuinely pissed off, but he pressed his finger against the keypad, waiting patiently for the elevator doors to open.

Seeing the business heads had taken a few hours. It was way past lunch time, and he had gone alone, with Changmin driving him to where he needed to go. Yunho had been compliant and had taken a car back to headquarters, along with the man that had tried to shoot him. And the gun he had used.

Jaejoong thought that he was angry too. But he wasn’t in the mood to try to figure out Yunho’s unendingly changing emotions.

He stepped out into the top level, and made his way to the interrogation room. It was built with a two-way glass wall, impenetrable steel painted dark grey on the remaining sides, and air-conditioning. It was also kept impeccably clean.

Creever was awake, bruised lip with a cut on the left side that had already scabbed over. His right eye was swollen, and purple. Yoochun had pulled off the nails on the left hand, and broken the distal interphalangeal joints on the other. Jaejoong wasn’t quite sure what else he had done to him to make him talk.

It wasn’t about torture today. Jaejoong opened the door to the interrogation room, retina scanner on the side, quiet hum of the door closing behind him. Creever looked up from where he had been looking at the floor, where the splatters of blood had caked on the deep grey tiles.

“Leader Kim. I’m surprised you came to see me yourself. Are you going to do your own dirty work instead of sending your men?”

Jaejoong leaned against the steel door.

“You said that you were creating microchips at the warehouse.”

“I did say that, didn’t I?” Creever said smiling. He had a tooth missing. “Why, you don’t believe me? I’m a very trustworthy man Kim-sshi. Or can I call you Jaejoong? I feel a connection to you, with how long we’ve been skirting around this past year.” He licked his lower lip, tongue settling at the scab. “You know, I was surprised when I saw a picture of you for the first time. I heard rumours, about how the Syndicate leader was nothing but a young man, a good-looking man with eyes colder than the previous leader’s. And without a conscience. I must say, meeting you in person blows away what I’ve seen in pictures. You have a beautiful face for a man.”

“Who is the leader of the American company?” Jaejoong asked. He kept his arms folded.

“I’m sorry, that’s information even I don’t know. But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“I did.” Jaejoong leaned off the door and came to stand in front of Creever. “They offered you up to me, didn’t they? A little sacrificial lamb.”

“And I am glad to be a sacrificial lamb. They’ll come for me.”


Creever stared at him, smile leaving his mouth. “They will,” he reaffirmed.

“Someone tried to kill me today,” said Jaejoong conversationally. “I don’t know as yet if he was from your company. He probably was. Your people have been on surveillance outside my building for a very long time, haven’t you?” The little flicker in Creever’s eyes told him yes. “I’m not in a very pleasant mood Creever. I don’t like people taking me lightly.”


The bullet went right through his forehead and into the wall behind him. His mouth was still open, mid-talk. Jaejoong lowered his gun, and replaced it on his hip, covered by his coat.

Creever was useless trash without information. Am.Co had given him away because he was dispensable. A face to the public and to the Syndicate.

Jaejoong was out in the corridor, phone out and dialing Yoochun’s number.

“Yeah Jaejoong?” Yoochun had zero understanding of respecting hierarchy. The men he trusted with the heart of the Syndicate were wild cards he took a gamble on everyday.

“Clean up the interrogation room when you return.”

Yoochun whistled. “Sure, no thing. I can be creative with where I dump the body? Up Am.Co’s assholes right?”


Jaejoong hung up, pocketing his mobile, going out into the living room and kitchen. He took a bottle of water from the counter, and went back into the elevator to go down to the third floor.

The training level also housed a holding cell. Yunho hadn’t brought up the shooter to the fifth level where the interrogation rooms were, so he had probably brought him here, if, he hadn’t already disposed of him. Yunho wasn’t one for questioning other men.

The men stopped walking when they saw, greeting him loudly. The young infiltrator who was bold enough to talk back to him was also there, towel around his neck, bowing when he passed.

“Where is Yunho?”

“The lounge,” one of them answered. They cleared the corridor for him. Yunho was, as his men said, sitting on the lavish couches in the lounging area, next to the furnished kitchen he had put in for his men to use during before and after training.

Yunho was smoking again. He had the window open, and he had taken off his jacket, thrown on the glass table that he was resting his boots on top of.

“What did you find out?”

Yunho blew out a puff of smoke. There was tiny stoneware cup on the table, next to his mobile phone, and handgun.

“Sent a picture of the gun to Junsu. T-shirt guy was one of the Am.Co. men they had watching the building. They weren’t using cars. They’re in the apartment complex opposite from here. They’ve been watching the front entrance for a couple months now. He was on shift last night and this morning. He saw you take the front entrance and took a chance, without orders. Figured he could move up the ranks if he injured you, or one of your men.”

“Where did you dump the body?”

Yunho grinned at him. He didn’t answer.

The shooter had been Korean.

“Did he say that he was from Am.Co.?”

Yunho shook his head.

It wasn’t adding up. Korean citizens were patriotic by nature. Most men were patriotic their country. Am.Co. had a few Koreans working under them. They paid well, gave out odd jobs and were quick to expand their empire through Asian soil.

But there were also the murders that Park Hae Jin told him about. Both Am.Co and his men were killed. The smaller gangs couldn’t have had the balls to do something like this. But he couldn’t underestimate the ambition of lesser men.

“I like you like this.” Yunho’s words cut through his thoughts. “I can smell the bloodlust on you. It’s stinking up the air. Your men are staying far away from you. They can smell it too.”

The lounge area was both open and closed off from the rest of the third level. There were no doors, but it was curved room, bordered by walls and the entrance only a narrow corridor.

Jaejoong owned the building and everyone in it. He didn’t particularly care for doors.

He leaned forward and grabbed Yunho’s hair and kissed him. He used teeth, gnawing at his bottom lip, opening up his mouth. Yunho let him plunder his mouth before kissing him back, lips firm, tongue stabbing against teeth and spit until he couldn’t breathe.

Yunho was grinning so wide that Jaejoong snarled against his mouth, kissing him again, pushing himself on top of Yunho, legs straddling his thighs. Yunho placed his hands on his lower back, fingers pressing in, and then dropped to settle on his ass. Jaejoong tore himself away from Yunho’s mouth as he squeezed, soft moan falling from his lips as Yunho kneaded fingers into his ass, leaning forward for him to get a better grip.

“You haven’t changed, have you Jae? The first time we fucked was after your first big mission. You killed that family, remember? You had blood on your hands and you were so gone, filled with adrenaline and lust and death and you came to me, kissed me just like you just did. That was one of my most memorable fucks. You were so beautiful.”

“Shut up,” Jaejoong ordered, even if he knew that Yunho never followed orders, especially when he was like this. He rubbed his mouth against Yunho’s neck, sucking on his Adam’s apple, rutting himself close until his groin pressed into the hardness between Yunho’s thighs.

Jaejoong bit down on his throat as he moved, groaning against the flesh there as his clothed prick rubbed against Yunho’s. It was dirty and hot to be getting off like this, fully dressed with Yunho’s fingers gripping his ass so hard it was going to leave marks for days. Yunho had him flush against his check and neck and prick and Jaejoong rolled his hips for more friction, for more, moaning lowly against Yunho’s shoulder.

He kissed him again, Yunho’s teeth catching his tongue. Jaejoong whimpered, tiny sob in his throat because it felt so good, rocking his body faster, fingernails digging into Yunho’s shoulder. Yunho’s lips were on his neck, teeth scraping, until he felt the pierce of the bite. He threw back his head, rocking out his orgasm, moaning as Yunho bit down on his skin, brutal enough that it hurt so badly, hurt so badly that it felt good.

Jaejoong was breathing loudly, and he looked at Yunho, his dark eyes staring back at him. He knew without words what Yunho was going do.

He slid off Yunho’s legs shakily, slumped on the couch on his belly, hands reaching down to push off his pants. Yunho’s fingers were there to help him, yanking off the leather, until it went past his ankles and on to the floor. He almost never wore underwear.

Jaejoong raised his hips, and Yunho grabbed his thighs, propping his higher, fingers pressing into the soft flesh of his inner legs. He felt him squeeze his buttocks, finger dipping into the separating line, gasping when he felt him pull his buttocks apart. The cold hit him, and his asshole clenched, moaning into the sofa. He could feel Yunho’s breath, and that part of him clenched every time he breathed.

He used his tongue. Yunho dipped into him, tongue swiping around the rim, and then right on it, Jaejoong gripping into the sofa with nothing to grip because Yunho was licking right onto his asshole and it was wet and dirty and it felt so fucking good every time. Yunho was lapping at him with vigour, tongue giving little jabs at the opening, and Jaejoong tried to open his legs wider because he wanted more.

Yunho’s lips came and suctioned, right on top of his asshole, and Jaejoong couldn’t hold back the loud moan, eyes closing tightly and shuddering into gasps to breathe. He was so fucking sensitive after his orgasm. Yunho knew that. The fucker knew that.

Jaejoong could feel the wetness between his buttocks, as Yunho’s mouth left him, spit coating just behind his balls and around his hole. He heard Yunho zip down his pants, felt the dip in the sofa as he got off.

Jaejoong didn’t bother looking up to see what he was doing. He kept his face on the cushion, legs still trembling from Yunho’s mouth. His cock was in the beginnings of hardening again, but it was too soon. It was too soon that it hurt.

He heard when Yunho walked back. There were cold fingers slipping between his buttocks, finger pad pressing against his hole, and he automatically clenched underneath it. The finger slipped in, slippery and smooth and he felt his own tightness, clenching and unclenching, grunting as Yunho moved his fingers in and out. They were too accustomed to this to move slow. Jaejoong was too sensitive and the need to fuck was too great for slow. Yunho pressed in two fingers, and Jaejoong raised his hips as he dug in, fingers curved, fucking into him slowly as his other hand rested on his lower back.

Yunho rubbed the remaining slick of lube on him as he pulled his fingers out. His cock pressed, knees dipping into the sofa, pushing against him and angling, pushing harder until he was just inside.

Yunho was not the kind of man to ask if he needed time. He was also the kind of man to know that he didn’t want him to. Not today.

He pushed himself fully in and Jaejoong choked on his pleasure, eyes clenched so tight and his mouth open against the leather. There was spit against his lips and mouth, little puddle of drool forming as Yunho pulled out just a bit.

Yunho’s fingers gripped the outside of his thighs, and began. His hips slammed into his buttocks, cock driving inside of him so hard that he shifted on the sofa. Jaejoong could do nothing but moan, trying to push back, eagerly open as Yunho fucked into him, cock driving in and out and in and out.

The pace was brutal. Yunho didn’t like talking during sex and neither did he. Yunho pushed him down, hips raised higher, cock driving deeper, disgusting squelching slaps that had him trembling, gasping. The head of his prick was hitting his prostate, and Jaejoong wanted to sob from how good it felt, being fucked after an orgasm, brutal fucking that made him feel raw from the inside and his belly feel tight.

Yunho fucking against his prostate was too much. He could feel the spit coming from his mouth. He wanted to scream but he couldn’t do anything more then let out little grunts, half moans with every thrust. He felt the dry orgasm that shuddered out his body, tightening on Yunho’s prick inside of him. Yunho hovered behind him, pressing down on top of him, fingers around the back of his neck, fingers that were sure to leave bruises.

Yunho’s prick was pushing up deep inside of him when he came, soft shaky breath, the wetness that came from cum spurting inside of him. Jaejoong was adamant about testing, and he made all the members undergo STI testing every few months in case of necessitating treatment. It included his higher ups, and Yunho had never once fucked him without cumming inside, even when they used to use condoms.

Jaejoong remained there when Yunho pulled out. The anger and adrenaline and hatred was gone, emotions that he didn’t need as a good leader. He was tired, the good kind of tired where he was unnaturally relaxed that he didn’t think he could move and his prick and asshole ached.

Yunho nudged him, and Jaejoong groaned.

Yunho was sitting down, and he forced himself to sit up, leaning next to him, cum rubbing on the leather seats, feeling disgusting as he shifted.

“You killed Creever.”

It was a statement, not a question. Jaejoong’s silence was an answer.

He rested his fingers on Yunho’s collarbone, staring at his hard chest, his tan skin. Yunho was a beautiful piece of work, so beautiful that sometimes it made his throat tight and he couldn’t breathe. He had skills other gangs would give a fortune to have, fortunes that they didn’t even have just to have a man like him. Except Jaejoong could remember Yunho when he was fifteen. When he used to share green tea and ice cream with him because he was a fucking weird kid that wanted a friend.

He let his fingers rub the middle of Yunho’s neck, right where his throat was, thumb pressing against the skin over his carotid artery.

Yunho’s gaze was heavy.

Jaejoong kissed him again.


“That’s the new kid. Heard he was staying with Leader.”

“Leader Kim likes men that could fight. I didn’t think he liked little boys.”

Jungkook slapped the wet cloth on the table, wiping across it. The commentary hadn’t let up since he had started cleaning up in the café under Taehyung’s orders.

“He’s the one that took out the fifth rank team. He got the second rank in trouble too. Fucking pay cuts for everyone in Squad B because of it.” The man sitting drinking a spiced latte spat out his words, loud enough for everyone in the café to hear it, and loud enough for Jungkook to hear it.

One of the first things Jungkook was going to buy with his first pay check was an Ipod, or one of those new fancy music players they had out on the market. He could probably use the smart phone that Junsu had given him freely. He had never owned one of them, always using the little money he scraped to buy food and clothes and cheap places to stay. It was hard to get a job when he didn’t finish school because he didn’t have the money to pay for his last year and buy the books he needed.

Public schools cost money. Public system my ass, was what he thought when he left it. They couldn’t even wave the fee when Jungkook had to take all the money he earned and scraped for to keep their shitty apartment for a few more months before his sister had died.

People liked to judge. He learned it at a young age and he was reminded of it every day since then. People talked too much, boasted, men talked loud enough for everyone else to hear like that guy was doing now. Jungkook always wanted something to drown out the world, the noise, all the words and nonsensical things that didn’t really matter to him. And there was nothing that mattered to him anymore, except surviving.


Taehyung was calling him from behind the work station. He was holding a tray with three cups of fancy coffee with too much sugar and cut sandwiches made with wheat – or was it grain – bread. He never had money to try those overpriced coffee drinks. He looked down at the cups as Taehyung handed the tray to him.

“Can you serve those girls sitting across there?” Jungkook grunted. “And Jungkook,” Taehyung smiled, “Thank you for agreeing to work here. We could do with the help.”

“I don’t say no to money,” Jungkook replied stiffly.

“I pay really real!” Taehyung was too much for him. He was too bright to be a professional sniper. He was skinny. Hair soft looking. Eyes crinkly as he smiled. Jungkook was very weary of his new boss. People that pretended be this happy always had something to hide.

Taehyung stopped Jungkook again. His voice lowered. “Don’t bother with those guys. They’re usually jealous when a kid years younger than them comes in and kicks their ass. Makes me kinda wanna see you fight with the way they’re going on about it.”

Jungkook walked over to the table where the women were seated. He hated being called ‘kid’. The women stared at him as he rested the tray on the table.

“I’m not sure what any of this is,” he told them. “What did you order?”

One of women covered her mouth. “Gosh you’re cute. Is it your first day here? I’ve never seen you before.”

“Yeah. So I don’t know shit about these fancy drinks.”

The women laughed, and he heard the sharp intake of breath from the other waiter. He was walking back to the counter after settling the order, and the other waiter rounded on him.

“Hey man. I get that you’re new. But you can’t talk to the customers like that.”

“Move away.”

The waiter put his hand on his shoulder. Jungkook despised people touching him. He grabbed his wrist and twisted it. Not enough to break, but with enough force to hurt. The customers in the café were watching him.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Jungkook released his wrist and the other waiter backed up, raising his hands.

“Hey man, sorry. Don’t want no trouble. But there’s a way to speak to customers. I’m just trying to teach you the rundown here, you know?”

Jungkook watched him rub his wrist, and he sighed.

“Yeah I know. Just don’t touch me again.”

“I wouldn’t.” The waiter was still rubbing his wrist as he grinned. “Though, with your…fuck everything, you’re gonna get away with shit. Those girls there loved you. Your fucking arms man. Where do you gym?”

Jungkook couldn’t tell if the waiter was a Syndicate member or not. Most of the customers were, but there was a steady flow of normal Korean citizens.

“I don’t gym.”

“You don’t?” The waiter was oddly horrified. Jungkook shoved the tray on the counter, and picked up the cloth again to wipe down one of the tables by the window. A mother and child had just left. Probably due to the comments. Probably because of Jungkook twisting the other waiter’s wrist. “Damn man, I’m jealous.”

“Jungkook right?” A large man poked his head from the kitchen. “Come wash some wares.”

“Name’s Hoseok,” said the waiter, as he went to clean up a table. Jungkook took the cloth with him to wipe the table before heading in the back. The man who had been mouthing off since he came in stood up, blocking his path.

“Jungkook, is it?” Jungkook was tall, but the man was taller. “I hope you’re enjoying your stay in the Syndicate. We’re planning to make your stay much more enjoyable.”

“Heard a rumour you were staying in the fifth level. Is it true?” One of them sitting asked, unlit cigarette between his lips.

Jungkook looked up at him, lips spreading. Oh, this was how they wanted to handle it. Good.

“I can’t wait,” he told the man, throwing up the cloth and catching it as he stepped to the side, going to the table he was supposed to wipe down.

He heard the commotion behind him, and ignored it.


“White hasn’t returned yet.”

“He’s probably taking a smoke after running to the convenience store. You know how he is.”

Blue was zipping up his boots. “I’m gonna get us some lunch. I can’t eat ramen for another day. I’ll fucking vomit. I haven’t shit in two days.”

“No one cares about your bowel problems,” said Silver. “Bring back some fried chicken.”

The apartment was littered with ramen containers on the table, opened bottles of green tea, and beer cans. There was a stack of files that they kept reading through and updating as they monitored the front of the Syndicate building. The high powered telescope was powerful enough to get a shot of the faces that came and go.

Today was a rare one. The Syndicate leader had taken the front entrance. And there was a face they could barely recognize driving the car. Black had sent them an email yesterday. An update. A new player. Shim Changmin.

“Bet you didn’t shit yesterday either. I was reading this health article. Ramen and processed shit clogs up your insides man. Too much of it and you’re constipated. I can’t – fuck.”

Silver had heard when Blue opened the door. “Did you hit your toe again?” He shouted.

“Fuck man. FUCK.”

“Walk it out,” Silver said, uninterested.

Blue came running into the living room. He was white faced. Blue was tan skinned compared to the average Korean.

“White’s dead. Fuckers dropped his body in front of our door. They know we’re here.”


“I checked out the restaurant,” spoke Yoochun. He sat on a bench, blowing out cigarette smoke. He had taken Squad C with him, and they stood, guarding the area. The white BMW was parked on the street. Jaejoong liked white cars.

“What did you find?” Jaejoong’s voice came out muffled.

“So they’re using it as a transfer point. Whatever they dropped off there is gone. The owners of the restaurant have shit tons of money stacked up in a room. They’ve sold it. It is microchips, but not only microchips. I beat it out of the owner. They’re mass producing a new drug. The street name is New York. It’s a stimulant, gives the user a bit of euphoria, and then sends them crazy. They’re in the manufacturing phase.”

“And the microchips?”

“I’m still working that out. I called up my contact in Japan. He said that he hasn’t heard about New York as yet, but he has heard about a new drug that’s supposed to hit the black market.”

“I’ll ask Yamashita about the microchips.”

“You should. Whatever they’re working on, they’re working on the same thing in Japan. Yamashita must have some information we can use.”

“Good work,” said Jaejoong, and Yoochun laughed, holding his cigarette with his thumb and index.

“You don’t have to praise me. I always yearn to please you.”

He could hear Jaejoong’s little sound of disgust. He hung up around the same time that Jaejoong did.

New York.

Yoochun remembered his years of trying out every drug on the streets. He was one of the lucky ones. He hadn’t gotten addicted to anything except cigarettes. He had a motto since young, ‘try everything once’. And he did. He tried all the cigarette brands until he found his favourite. Yunho usually stole Marlbolo. Or Dunhill Switch. They both liked the mint taste.

Before becoming Jaejoong’s handy man, Yoochun was an army man turned detective. With a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology. A wide disparity in work fields.

Back then he had a girlfriend. Sociology major. He had picked up his coffee addiction in his first year in university, coffee dates and staying awake to finish studying and kickboxing at the university gym.

Thinking back, it was some great days he had. Normal days. Going to school. Having a girlfriend to go on dates with. Competitive fighting instead of fighting to kill.

Normal days.

Yoochun finished off his cigarette, and stood. Squad C was alert, and one was already opening the door to the back seat for him.

Normal days were boring.


Jungkook’s shift extended into the evening. It was about eight when Taehyung sent him home, arguing about keeping him so late when it was just his first day, even if Jungkook had told him he liked to earn his keep. He had wiped tables, washed wares, handed out cups of black coffee and fancy drinks. Simple work, that he was accustomed to.

Taehyung only had a few workers. There was another baker that helped him in the kitchen, Hoseok and another girl that alternated between waiting tables and manning the counter. According to Hoseok there was another worker that came in, and they alternated shifts depending on the day. At least, Jungkook understood why Jaejoong had sent him there. The café needed the extra man power, with the amount of customers that flooded in every hour for Taehyung’s pastries.

He pulled up the hood of his jacket. It was cold out, and his fingers were quick to succumb to it, like they always did in the night air. Gloves were an extravagant luxury he never had the option of buying.

The workers at the café were allowed free reign when it came to uniform, except for the apron with the café’s logo and name, that came in pink or black when Hoseok explained it before Jungkook was sent off. Flexibility and eccentricity was what he managed to ascertain on his first day of working there. A mirror of the owner’s personality.

His phone buzzed inside his pants pocket. He took it out, staring at the bright screen. It was from Yunho. Computer tech guy had put in contacts on his phone before handing it to him. There were only five, and Jungkook had no one else of importance he needed to add.

He passed his finger across the wide screen. A smart phone was so much better than the shitty phone he used to have. Having money, was everything.

Yunho wanted him to meet him somewhere. The other job that Jaejoong had talked about. Underground fighting. He would be lying if he didn’t admit to himself that he was excited. Fighting was what he grew up with. It was something he had to do to survive, and along the way he fell in love with it. The exhilaration. The bite. The pain.

He shoved his phone back into his pocket and turned the corner from the café. There were three figures blocking the pathway. Of course.

It was them. Loudmouthed people always liked to prove a point. Even if it meant coming back hours after and waiting in the cold to prove that point.

Jungkook grinned. He waved at them, and heard the scowl.

“Piece of shit kid.”

Jealousy was a hard truth and suicide to the owner. Jungkook had grown up with nothing, but he never had enough free time to be jealous of anyone, or anything. Maybe he was lucky.

“I kinda have somewhere else to be. Might get in trouble if I don’t show up on time, ya know? So you wanna get this over with?”


Jungkook showed up five minutes late with a bust lip and brimming of excitement. Yunho looked him over, hood up, hands stuffed in his pockets, looking around the place and the people that were crowding around the makeshift ring.

Underground fighting was fought in an invisible ring, created by spectators. There were two fighters already there, the jeers and screaming from men and women gambling on the outcome. The men and women were all filthy rich. His kind of people. His late father’s kind of people.

Some people knew him. Knew who he was. The Yunho that worked for the Syndicate and the number of bodies he dropped. There were probably two or three that knew him for his last name. Jung. Knew that he was the owner of Jung Industries and Technologies passed on by his father.

But everyone else here knew him as the orchestrator of the underground fighting rings. The fighter that always won. And it dragged in proud men that challenged him because they wanted to beat him.

He threw Jungkook a pair of gloves. The kid wasn’t skinny. He was all lean muscle, undernourished from being out in the streets and barely getting enough meals and sleep. After a few weeks in the Syndicate he would be fine. He needed muscle training and to work on his stamina, but Jaejoong was right in sending him here.

Fighters were made in two ways. One was through training. Learning a martial art out of interest and talent. The other, was through survival. Fight or get beaten. Kill or be killed.

Yunho was fifteen when he first started fighting in underground circles. He’d gotten his fair share of beatings. But he also had the background of money. Trainers that used to come to his house when he was eight until he kicked them out when he started preferring the real bruises to soft brushes of training. Down there, people didn’t care who he was. People weren’t afraid to hurt him. And the exhilaration of wanting to win, to fight, to kill, was born so early in him that it erupted.

“If you win, you’ll get half of the winnings I’ll be bringing in on your match.”

“How much would you get?” Jungkook asked, curiousity causing him to stare at the crowd. He wanted to watch the fight.

“You’re new. And a kid. They’ll bet against you. Probably make us a five hundred thousand.”

There were over fifty people there, watching, betting. Rich bastards that didn’t know what to do with their money. Yunho understood that feeling. He never had much need for money because he always had it.

Probably a hundred.

Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“US,” Yunho said.

“W-what?” Jungkook’s stammer made him seem like his age. Nothing but a kid forced into an adulthood.

“Five hundred thousand US dollars.”


SO, I actually went and read over a few chapters of Our Path of Gold. I’ve been embarrassed by it, by the writing, especially the first few chapters so I started reading from Chapter Nine. The writing did get better in that fic so I’m not so embarrassed and cringy anymore. But I still can’t read the first few chapters without wanting to sob.

I haven’t written smut in ages but still, this came out. (I’m just going to pretend that I didn’t write it u.u) I figured I might as well drop some smut when you least expected it. :D

I’ll come back and edit it after.

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thetaintedbladethetaintedblade on December 29th, 2016 02:02 am (UTC)
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im so glad you're enjoying the characters because i am enjoying writing them :)
And i know. I can say that i did have loads of fun writing OPOG. And at that particular time I thought it my best work. Oh how the times have changed.

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